Howdy all,

Tunes of interest this week may include the following:

  • Flour: an old Touch & Go band inclusive of Mr Todd Trainer of Shellac prior to his inclusion in Mr Steve Albini’s band.
  • Morroco: ’60s Armenian boogaloo goodness.
  • Procol Haram: a mid ’60s blues rock band featuring Robin Trower prior to his solo career.
  • Chicano Batman: great Mexicano latino/rock group.
  • Trinadad: mid ’60s garage/psych group from Iran.
  • Fatt Mattress: A late ’60s folk rock group founded by Mr Noel Redding who some may recall as the bass player of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
  • Moonshake: An interesting outsider group from the UK from the early ’90s.
  • the Sea Nymphs: A mildly obscure offshoot of the slightly less obscure, but amazing band Cardiacs who have existed in various forms since the late ’70s, but have been on hiatus since their fearless leader Tim Smith suffered from a serious stroke in 2007.
  • the i.l.y.’s: an offshoot of Zach Hill the master drummer involved with many projects inclusive of Hella, the Ladies (with Rob Crow of Pinback and Heavy Vegetable etc) and the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez collaborative group who recorded three albums but only released one.

The playlist:

01 Car Seat Headrest – 1937 State Park

02 Nevermen – Mr Mistake

03 Red Fang – No Air

04 Flour – rain reign

05 My Architects – airborne

06 Fatso Jetson – NERVOUS EATER

07 Silicon – Burning Sugar

08 Lithics – burn on burn

09 Morocco – opa kukla

10 Polvo – beggar’s bowl

11 Kaada & Mike Patton – A Burnt Out Case

12 the Terminals – Green Eyes

13 Laura Gibson – not harmless

14 Procol Haram – Wish Me Well

15 the i.l.y.’s – Scum with boundaries

16 Sister George – Handle Bar

17 Wilco – Locator

18 the Magnetic Fields – old_fools

19 Butter 08 – Shut Up

20 Chicano Batman – El Frio II

21 R.E.M. – Drive

22 Heroic Doses – Crystals

23 Fat Mattress – Everything’s Blue

24 Red Love – Float

25 the Replacements – Nightclub Jitters

26 Lou Barlow – goodnight_unknown

27 Trinidad – willie bobo

28 Roads To Space Travel – W.H. Harrison

29 Imaad Wasif – into_the_static

30 Tuatara – The Spider Pimp

31 Joan of Arc – The Hands

32 Moonshake – Up For Anything

33 Deviants – Child Of The Sky

34 the Sea Nymphs – the psalm of life

35 Blonde Redhead – symphony of treble

36 Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang – Pipe Line

37 Beastie Boys – Bodhisattva Vow

Nanu nanu,


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