Perrty Flora

Greet of the said ‘ings all,

Another week where I get to plaster nonsensical aural ramblings in your general direction; hopefully this set will see ye all in good stead.

We have some late ’90s example of beat box hip hop (a ‘genre’ that I’ve cherished since my Father randomly bought me the second Fat Boys album on cassette during a work trip out of Invercargill in ’87), but with more of a late ’90s vibe and one of my favourite Butthole Surfers songs off the classic ‘Hairway to Steven’ album along with some more obscure ’60s psych, early ’90s  English non-riot-grrrl ‘art rock’, ’60s Scottish folk (with a bit of a Trainspotting theme); later output from Genesis P.Orridge, an upbeat version of a Nina Simone classic, a lovely song by Monsieur Gainsbourg’s daughter and a relatively raucous early Fang cover that Mudhoney popped on a CD single that I found recently amongst my messy single collection.

Please do enjoy the following:

01 Demob Happy – Underneath Your Tree

02 Sea-ders – undecidedly

03 DJ Paul Nice – Break it Down

04 Deerhunter – nothing_ever_happened

05 Bert Jansch – Needle of Death

06 Black Moth Super Rainbow – Forever Heavy

07 Orange Juice – Satellite City

08 Burning Brides – Arctic Snow

09 Nina Simone – I’ve Got Life [Groovefinder Remix]

10 Speedball Baby – I’m Addictive

11 Pop. 1280 – Human Probe

12 Click Tha Supa Latin – beat box break

13 Cat Power – Free

14 Electric Wurms – Transform!!!

15 Butthole Surfers – I saw an xray of a girl passing gas

16 Channels – fear is a man’s best friend

17 Drowning the Virgin Silence – We Twist The Sun And Sea

18 Grant Lee Buffalo – mockingbirds

19 the Thanes – Buzz Buzz (Yeh Yeh)

20 Cut Chemist – storm (feat_edan_and_mr_lif)

21 Charlotte Gainsbourg – Me And Jane Doe

22 Gas Huffer – Lizard Hunt

23 Big Business – No Vowels

24 Skinned Teen – Pillowcase Kisser

25 Psychic TV – how does it feel

26 Pain Teens – The Story Of Isacc

27 Mudhoney – The Money Will Roll Right In

28 Latin Playboys – Mustard

29 Coachwhips – I Drank What

30 Crippled Black Phoenix – 444

31 Earlimart – 1st Instant Last Report

32 Possum Dixon – pharmaceutical itch

33 Code Orange – Starve



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