Soup Herb

Hi-de-hi campers,

This weeks sees three Scottish, one Finnish and two vintage Thai groups, some out-there funk from Thundercat, out-there weirdness from Steroid Maximus (aka J. G. Thirlwell), an unnerving track from the Book of Knots, a nice Scott Walker tribute played by the Entrance Band, a fun Beatles song that remained unreleased until the reissue of Yellow Submarine in the early 2000’s and I finally ‘went there’ by including a song of my own (under the moniker of Smith the Alien) that was never used for anything or played live etc.

The playlist doth be:

01 Swimm – Too Old

02 Rene Grand & his Combo New York – cool

03 Soulsavers feat. Mark Lanegan – unbalanced pieces

04 the Delgados – i fought the angels

05 Ravioli Me Away – holy eyes

06 the Devils Makes Three – Champagne And Reefer

07 Skeleton Key – The Worlds Most Famous Undertaker

08 Steroid Maximus – Seventy Cops

09 the Walker Brothers – Disciples Of Death

10 Red Pens – Blue Lighters

11 Inherent Vice OST – Spooks

12 Waipod Phetsuphan – Ding Dong

13 K-X-P – Sub Goblin

14 King Creosote – Bluebell, Cockleshell, 123

15 the Billy Nayer Show – ceres walk

16 Rollerskate Skinny – swingboat yawning

17 Dinosaur Jr – LeftRight

18 Thundercat – heartbreaks + setbacks

19 Speedball Baby – Pocket Fulla Fish

20 Slint – Untitled (Glenn)

21 the Blackouts – Everglades

22 Bleached – I’m All Over the Place (Mystic Mama)

23 Ratatat – lex

24 the Entrance Band – The Seventh Seal (Scott Walker cover)

25 the Starlight Mints – Submarine #3

26 Book of Knots – Crumble

27 U-Men – willie dong hurts dogs

28 Juana Molina – La Rata

29 the God Machine – Prostitute

30 Chaweewan Dumnern – Lam Tung Wai

31 Smith the Alien – Win

32 Beat Happening – hot chocolate boy

33 Beatles – Hey Bulldog

34 BMX Bandits – Star Wars

Enjoy responsibly,


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