Kammoth #22 – Ullo Ullo

Yodel 8K’ers,

Apologies for not getting the playlist up prior to Sunday’s show; I was in Queenslandia to see Ms PJ Harvey and her fantastic current band perform (inclusive of Mr Alain Johannes).

Here’s the list ahead of tonight (Tuesday) night’s airing:

  • 1 That’s What You Get for Gettin’ Outta Bed by Grandaddy
  • 2 He-C-She (Trin-Tran) by Coachwhips
  • 3 Sly by Herbie Hancock
  • 4 Form & Function by Hookworms
  • 5 creeping you company by Helms Alee
  • 6 Another New Day by Jazzanova
  • 7 Blowup by Magic Shoppe
  • 8 Carlton Touts by Sleaford Mods
  • 9 I Don’t Wanna Live in California by Public Access T.V.
  • 10 Can’t Keep From Crying by John Renbourn
  • 11 Suit Up by Naked Lights
  • 12 AudioTrack 02 by Operation Rolling Thunder
  • 13 longing for the saxophone by Yuri Morozov
  • 14 Path Of Righteousnes by Hasselhoff Experiment
  • 15 Mind the Wires by Tears Run Rings
  • 16 fits of jealous rage are in this year by Soccer Team
  • 17 future shock by White Zombie
  • 18 Buzz Buzz (Yeh Yeh) by the Thanes
  • 19 Blandest by Nirvana
  • 20 All For Nothing (feat. John Garcia) by Zun
  • 21 One Two Brown Eyes by Chants R&B
  • 22 Black Cat by Skinned Teen
  • 23 Little Silver by the Wedding Present
  • 24 Shadogi by the Rebels
  • 25 blind man at mystic lake by Today is the Day
  • 26 Best Thing by Interstellar Overdrive
  • 27 it starts with a whisper by the Movements
  • 28 Dream Island by Zone Six
  • 29 postcards by the Sorry Kisses
  • 30 Sonreo by the Velvet Teen
  • 31 All A Dreams by the Telescopes



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