Kammoth #28 – Marking Bad

Alrighty then;

A  few new lead singles this week off forthcoming albums by Mark Lanegan, Guided by Voices (Mr Pollard’s 100th album!), Mew and the Black Angels as well as tunes off newly-released albums by Blonde Redhead, Boss Hog, Chicano Batman, the Octopus Project and a ‘make believe’ band called ‘Light Bulb Matrix’.  You’ll also be treated to some vintage material from ZZ Top, the Missing Links, Lee Hazlewood and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band as well as a further selection of numbers from across the continents/decades.

In total; we have the following creations to activate your speaker cones:

01 Boss Hog – rodeo chica

02 Mark Lanegan Band – Nocturne

03 Blonde Redhead – My Plants Are Dead

04 Chicano Batman – Flecha Al Sol

05 Zechs Marquise – Getting Paid

06 Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs – Get Out My House

07 the Black Angels – Currency

08 Light Bulb Matrix – hot december

09 ZZ Top – precious and grace

10 Folk Implosion – wet stuff

11 Young Widows – Lucky And Hardheaded

12 Mew – Carry Me To Safety

13 Total Control – One More Tonight

14 Victory at Sea – Sunny Days

15 West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Ritual 1

16 the Octopus Project – Woah, Mossman!!

17 g.l.o.s.s. – give violence a chance

18 Imaad Wasif – Halcyon

20 Telstar Sound Drone – Drugs Help

21 Lee Hazlewood – Have You Made Any New Bombs Today

22 House of Pain – never missin a beat

23 Vennart – Infatuate

24 Heliogabale – bullet in ya belly

24 Sebadoh – spoiled

25 Art Of Fighing – Stay (On Your Will)

26 the Missing Links – Wooly Bully

27 Boss Hog – devious motherfucker

28 Blonde Redhead – 3 O’Clock

29 Oxbow – Gal

30 Sidewinder – Here She Comes Again

31 Guided by Voices – Hiking Skin

32 MDC – John Wayne Was a Nazi

Shake well before listening,


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