Kammoth #45 – Bjaura

Howdy all,

First of all; I just realised how to embed video links, so here goes one with a rather ‘interesting’ ending:

This show has a new exo-album piece from Toronto’s Fucked Up, the first track of the rather talented young Dunedinite Mister Lang’s new album, a song from the first ex-Vaselines project Eugenius/Captain America, a delightful duet by pianist extraordinaire Thollen McDonas and YYY’s drummer Brian Chase, a ’60s great by way of Pearls Before Swine, new stuff from Broken Social Scene, an early Earth track that lay unreleased for years (can you pick the guest vocalist?), a pre-glam/mod number by Red Kross (still ‘Red Cross’ at that time) and some rolling beats from Thievery Corporation/Loop Guru/Tosca.

Diviértete mientras escuchas estas canciones:

01 Fucked Up – Passacaglia

02 Casper Skulls – Love Brain

03 Kane Lang – Lagoons

04 Fred Frith – Spring Any Day Now

05 Eugenius – on the breeze

06 Flock of Dimes – the Joke

07 Thievery Corporation –  Karminsky Experience Inc

08 Pearls Before Swine – Morning Song

09 Surfbort – Trash

10 Silkworm – Raging Bull

11 My Architects – picture

12 Peaness – Ugly Veg

13 I Am Spoonbender – replaced by toys

14 Neil Young – Here We Are In The Years

15 Earth – Divine And Bright

16 Frankie Rose – Trouble

17 Guerilla Toss – Big Brick

18 Loop Guru – often again

19 Maritime – Tearing Up The Oxygen

20 Red Kross – charlie

21 Sheer Mag – Suffer Me

22 Thollen & Chase – After One

23 Failure – Frogs

24 Broken Social Scene – Hug of Thunder

25 Parts & Labor – Nowheres Nigh

26 Tosca – Ocean Beat

27 First State Bank – Before You Leave

28 Q and Not U – Kiss Distinctly American

29 Regurgitator – I Wanna Be a Nudist

30 the Life & Times – Out Through The Door

31 R.E.M. – 9-9

32 Lowercase – Last Stand

33 Helmet – Gigantor (Kids’ TV theme cover)



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