Kammoth #46 – Wrangle

How-low all,

This week we see/hear new ‘indie supergroup’ Lo Tom. Japan’s Boris (a new track on this, their 25th anniversary), work from a forthcoming Psychic Temple record, similar from the great Chad VanGaalen and Lee Renaldo, Finland’s Lodger, Belgium’s HULK, a single off Melissa Auf Der Maur’s 1st solo album (with Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri on geetar/bass), Scotland’s Sacred Paws, two local (Chch/NZ) groups and a further smattering of musical magic carpets.

01 Heron Oblivion – Faro

02 Hulk – seducer

03 Kool Keith – eat it (feat. Princess Superstar)

04 Lo Tom – Covered Wagon

05 Melissa Auf der Maur – Followed the Waves

06 Psychic Temple – SOS

07 Reigning Sound – Without You

08 John Lennon – well well well

09 Boris – Biotope

10 Chad Vangaalen – old heads

11 Lodger – Ordinary Men Make Ordinary Music

12 Sacred Paws – Everyday

13 the Dialtones – to your health

14 the Gris Gris – Necessary Separation

15 Lee Ranaldo – Circular (Right As Rain)

16 Lovage – book of the month

17 Infectious Grooves – Fame (David Bowie cover)

18 Fu Manchu – Wiz kid

19 Fred Firth – Crack In The Concrete

20 Bobby Jameson – Do You Believe In Yesterday

21 Dasher – teeth

22 Xander Harris – straight up satan

23 Laughing Hyenas – Stay

24 Tomahawk – Oddfellows

25 Life Without Buildings – young offenders

26 Salad Boys – Hit Her and Run

27 Deerhoof and David Bazan – no one asked bazan to dance

28 Xiu Xiu – Clowne Towne

29 the Soft Drugs – Brand New Name

30 Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – Asteroid B-612 (live)

Battalion at ease;


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