Kammoth #59 – Stap Gop

So so so;

We have a builder from Dub Trees welcoming us in this week followed by the all-too-short-lived All the Saints (not be confused with ‘All Saints’), a track off the new Alex Newport-produced Tigercub EP, very early Prince, ’60s Indonesian proto-Shonen Knife styles of Dara Puspita, Swans side-thing (please excuse the term Mr Gira) Angels of Light, new Toadies, two pieces of the brilliant debut album from Cody Chesnutt, remastered stuff from the Turtles and the Pretty Things and the one-off album from probably Zach Hill’s most laid-back project Diamond Watch Wrists. Oh, and some great stuff from Joe Meek for those who enjoy albums that are made to sound like sci-fi movie soundtracks using all-analogue equipment and room sounds.

01 Dub Trees – Mediolana (Ambrosirus Dub)

02 All the Saints – Leeds

03 Bo Diddley – spanish guitar

04 Cody Chesnutt – Upstarts In a Blowout

05 Brant Bjork & the Bros – Ultimate Kickback

06 Shawn Lee – ghost in the rain

07 Tigercub – Faking Laughter

08 the Pretty Things – L.S.D.

09 Cut Chemist – metrorail thru space

10 Demob Happy – Young & Numb

11 Prince – Soft And Wet

12 the Effects – Numbers

13 Ancient Ocean – Blood Moon

14 Bellini – Tiger’s milk

15 Captain Beefheart – Abba Zaba

16 Lispector – Romantic At Heart

17 Sweet Crystal – Warlords

18 Big Thief – Shark Smile

19 Toadies – Echo

20 Midday Veil – Babel

21 Dara Puspita –  Pesta Pak Lurah (Mr. Lurah’s Party)

22 earthlings – 666er

23 Angels of Light – Not Herenot Now

24 Cody Chesnutt – Batman

25 the Fates – Ceaseless Effort

26 Diamond Watch Wrists – Speculative Forensic Investigation

27 Live Skull – Sunday Afternoon White-Out

28 Joe Meek & the Blue Men – Dribcots Space Boat

29 Dark Arts – Anastasia

30 the Turtles – House Of Pain

31 the Machine – coda sun

32 Michael Rother – Zeni

Nae bother;


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