Kammoth #73 – Eye Scream

Team Zealandia (& the most-welcome others abroad);

We’ve got some new-ish from ’90s band (containing a rather sought-after producer by the name of Ken Andrews and a couple of performances by Troy Van Leeuwan of QOTSA/APC fame), some early-era Screaming Trees (love your work Mr Lanegan!), my favourite Pavement song (even thought it’s on their final record, which didn’t achieve as much acclaim as the earlier output), the always-great PUTS, proto-Jesus Lizard (Scratch Acid), the great Cardiacs offshoot (Sea Nympths), an odd collaboration from former Kyuss singer John Garcia with Arsenal, a Pavement guitarist’s more recent project (Preston School of Industry), some beats from RZA (originally from the Ghost Dog soundtrack) and some great vintage cuts from the likes of Mystic Siva, the Moving Sidewalks, Shocking Blue, Wicked Lady and John McLaughlin.

01 Failure – Counterfeit Sky

02 Exhaust – metro mile end

03 Screaming Trees – Grey Diamond Desert

04 Shocking Blue – The Butterfly And I

05 Pavement – Cream of Gold

06 People Under the Stairs – Asshole

07 Sloan – People Of The Sky

08 Eye – Kill The Slavemaster

09 Scratch Acid – unlike a Baptist

10 Sleaford Mods – Drayton Manored

11 the Sea Nymphs – lucky lucy

12 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Brenda

13 Preston School of Industry – if the straits magellan should ever run dry

14 Robert Johnson – Come on in My Kitchen

15 Pinebender – Built Like A Bubble

16 Hater – Circles

17 Arsenal – Diggin’ a Hole

18 Ex-Cult – Venice Illusion

19 Mystic Siva – Eyes Have Seen Me

20 Fizzy Blood – healing isnt free

21 Roads To Space Travel – March on McKinley!

22 RZA – Samurai Showdown

23 Big Jullien & His All Stars – Wake The Monster

24 Moaning – artificial

25 Roses – Camera Trouble

26 John McLaughlin – Pete The Poet

27 Eyes like Knives – You´re still waiting

28 Holy Fuck – Xed Eyes

29 the Moving Sidewalks – Scoun Da Be

30 Steve Wynn – Carelessly

31 Criminal Hygiene – rearrange me

32 Wicked Lady – war cloud



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