Kammoth #75 – Lignea Mensam

Good day to you all;

Enjoy some ’70s African goodness via Tirogo and Witch, some modern ‘psychgaze’ with Dead Vibrations, ‘mathy’ stuff from Fang Island’s last album (a new post-Fang Island project is on its way); slow beats from Bonobo and Norway’s great Röyksopp, Steve Shelley offshoot band Two Dollar Guitar, a rejuvenated Turbonegro, lovely tunes from Carla Bozulich & Christina Rosenvinge, a nice projects of Nels Cline’s by the name of Scarnella and some good ol’ Band of Susans to round things off.

01 Two Dollar Guitar – burned and buried

02 Dead Vibrations – Chemical Hug

03 Sammy – Possibly Peking

04 Bonobo – Flutter

05 Fang Island – sisterly

06 Portastatic – A Cunning Latch

07 Meltdown – Dream Song

08 Tirogo – Float

09 Turbonegro – Part II Well Hello

10 Bats and Mice – Worst Comes To Worst

11 No Joy – E

12 Fuck – Fuck Motel

13 Cigarettes After Sex – Sweet

14 Automatic Sam – End of the World Delight

15 Carla Bozulich – blue eyes crying in the rain

16 Band of Susans – It’s Locked Away

17 Mad Sin – Sin Is Law

18 Röyksopp – So Easy

19 Bluetile Lounge – Liner

20 Witch – Like A Chicken

21 Purling Hiss – Fever

22 William D. Drake – Love in an Overcoat

23 Swearin’ – Watered Down

24 Christina Rosenvinge – Taking Off

25 Hungry Ghosts – Trying To Lift A Rock With A Bottle On Your Head

26 Danielson – cast it at the setting sail

27 Koushik – Lying In The Sun

28 the Pastels – night time made us

29 Scarnella – Release the Spring

30 Mr & Mrs Smith and Mr Drake – Your Removal Of Me

31 Beatnik Filmstars – New Boyfriend And Black Suit



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