Kammoth #148 – O’Buoy

Oh yes; the image accompanying this week’s piece displays a wee lad; his Mother is sitting to the right (from the photographer’s point of view).  You may be able to find the full image and the rather odd / amazing story which accompanies it.

Anyway; record obsessions aside, we have a decent swag of ear pampers to expose one’s cortex to… an ant walks into a jelly pie armed only with a half handful of knitting rods and a backpack filled with a diverse selection of urine-soaked cotton wool.  This ant walks up a form of decorative clock; you know the rest…

Speaking of rests; I’m more than sure that such emptiness populates portions of the following musical compositions:

01 Rum Diary – portals of salt lake

02 Kit – Forest

03 Istikrarli – bir yarali kustum

04 Pure Joy – Orphan Sky

05 Atlantis – The Rumble

06 the Pop Group – Words Disobey Me

07 Loftus – Stolen From A Rifle Clean Brothel

08 Isaak – Yeah (Kyuss Cover)

09 Ramonda Hammer – Hoax

10 TOKOE – arzular

11 Zanal – System Error ft. Moor Mother

12 Weedpecker – Rise Above

13 Gastr del Sol – Mirror Repair

14 Nomad Stones – Pillage and Burn

15 Pekka Tiilikainen And The Beatmakers – The Deceiver’s Way

16 Directions – 05 – [untitled track]

17 Omni – Supermoon

18 Out in Worship – Jam Jar Superstar

19 Astrodome – Mirage

20 Polvo – colonial arms

21 Moby & Mark Lanegan – The Lonely Night (Photek remix)

22 the Away Days – Less Is More

23 Pinegrove – Skylight

24 X27 – Anal Box

25 Pharoah Overlord – satavuotiaiden salaisuus

26 Friends of Dean Martinez – El Tiradito

27 Ducktails – venus

28 the Stinky Puffs – I Am Gross! -No You’re Not!

29 Steven Jesse Bernstein – The Man Upstairs

30 Beck – premonition

Blend it like neck ham;


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