Kammoth #167 – Symbols of Cymbals


Happy Baby Machine Day to all you Mom’s out there.

I guess that y’all are like a multi-use pea pod of sorts!  No offence intended at all here; I simply heard lyrics regarding peas and beans in the background here at Kammoth HQ and the concept hit…

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Aaaaaaanyways; the utmost respect to every Mother out there (inclusive of all fauna)!

Here’s the tracklist for this here week; I thought that I’d sprinkle a handful of NZ pieces throughout since it’s the mighty month of May and all that jazz (albeit that many of us music nerds find it rather ‘lacking’ for want of a better term).

01 Jaye Jayle – Accepting

02 Lost Rockets – Ponzi

03 Fiona Apple – Heavy Balloon

04 NRA – Glitch

05 Haunted Heads – Seconds Between Frames

06 Chug – Flowers

07 Asher Roth – Tangerine Girl

08 Clouds – Glass House Rocks

09 D. Rider – Cry Honey

10 Palace Music – Work Hard Play Hard

11 Sunken Seas – Photographs of the Dead

12 the Shocking Pinks – Emily

14 Djunah – Hand Videos

15 Genghis Tron – The Whips Blow Back

16 Bellringer – cowboy fight

17 Gastr del Sol – Every Five Miles

18 Dead Famous People – Barlow’s House

19 Sewingneedle – whirlybird

20 Trim Silence – The Trim Silence Theme

30 Blank Spaces – Everything Is Possible

31 Slift – Hyperion

32 Wee Bee Foolish – Chedda Chasers

33 the Babies – All Things Come To Pass

34 Solid Gold Hell – The Country Sow

35 the Magnetic Fields – The Death Of Ferdinand De Saus

36 T. Funk – pump me up

37 Cable Ties – Sandcastles

38 Abrams – silver lake

39 Thigh Master – Claps For Clats

40 Sonic Youth – Death Valley ’69 (live Oct ’87)

Rock on Mommies;


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