Kammoth #32R – Phayss

Happy ~13,800,002,021 to one and all; may this grain of sand be exposed to the optimum combo of Sun and oxygen dihydride!

This particular show (randomly selected by Ms Fleur de Lis) is somewhat poignant from my end as it originally aired less than a week after I rather nearly expired due to a medical event in April 2017; the sketch associated with the mix was one that simply popped out of my pencil the week prior.

Please do enjoy this collection of compositions and allow them to wash over the second 730th of this infant year:

01 Automatic Sam – sons & bitches

02 Supersystem – born into the world

03 Japandroids – For The Love Of Ivy (Gun Club cover)

04 Karen O – Living in a Trance

05 Q And Not U – 7 Daughters

06 the Afghan Whigs – Demon in Profile

07 Fuzzhead – Jackie Drove Away

08 Radar Bros. – Shoveling Sons

09 Howlin’ Wolf – House Rockin’ Boogie

10 Gram Rabbit – Time of Our Lives

11 Gas Huffer – Shoe Factory

12 the Black Heart Procession – sympathy crime

13 Clock DVA – Brigade

14 Geto Boys – Trophy

15 Daisy Chainsaw – Belittled And Beaten Down

16 Swallow – Dear Mary

17 the Motards – I’m A Criminal

18 i am spoonbender – replaced by toys

19 Kirsty Stegwazi – Zamośc

20 Fu Manchu – Mongoose

21 Fruit Bats – lives of crime

22 Thurston Moore – Cease Fire

23 the Delgados – The Arcane Model

24 the Catheters – Been There Before

25 Sophia – Bastards

26 Envelopes – glue

27 Eleven – howling book

28 Swell Maps – let’s build a car

29 Pull Apart By Horses – Lamping

30 Beck – Curfew

31 Concrete Blonde – Road


Kam Moth

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