Kammoth #214 – Schteamie

Hmmm; managed to get this show uploaded and scheduled around 20sec prior to live airtime! Bloody computer bollocks!

Anywayz; I trust every Earthling is currently doing OK, even though I realise and totally recognise the absolutely crappy situations that many many maaaaaaaaaaaaaany are in all over the place and in so many ways.

At least we havenae drowned all the fish and suffocated all plant life yet right? We’re yet to clock that game, but I guess that we’re on one of the final levels and about to face a kick-ass Boss or three.

Music can still be the food of peace, love and (without exception) mung beans!

Here’s the score for 8K_K214:

01 Shabazz Palaces – Fine Ass Hairdresser

02 Branch Manager – The Holly Syndrome

03 Dyke And The Blazers – Let A Woman Be A Woman Let A Man Be A Man

05 Mogwai – fuck-off-money-alessandro-cortini-rework

06 Bass Clef – memory scars

07 Arooj Aftab – Last Night

08 Casket Girls – Mermaid Cottage

09 the Pharcyde – Ya Mama

10 the Acrobats – The Fever

11 Boyz IV Men – Trance Armstrong

12 King Sunny Adé – Afai Bowon

13 the Fall – Psycho Mafia

14 Black Country, No Road – Sunglasses

15 Beachy Head – Looking for Exits

16 Boogie Down Productions – 9mm goes bang

17 Indian Jewelry – everyday

18 Simulacrum – Crossing the Abyss

19 Cave In – Moonlight Mile

20 UNKLE – With You In My Head (feat. The Black Angels)

21 D’Angelo – Devil’s Pie

22 Vitreous Humor – Applaud Water

23 Sulfate – Speaking for Others

24 FIDLAR – Alcohol

25 2Pac – All Bout U (Feat. Dru Down, Hussein Fatal, Yaki Kadafi, Nate Dogg & Snoop Doggy Dogg)

26 the Lollipop Shoppe – sin

27 King Woman – Worn

28 Steel Wool -02-AudioTrack 02

29 Toughguy Fantasy – Don’t Stand Upon Space Mountain

Tanks vary mush;


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